The Forum’s annual Conference and Product Exposition provides sponsors and exhibitors with an outstanding opportunity to further establish their leadership in the advance wireless community and network with partners and customers at all levels of the wireless value chain. At Forum events and through our communications, your organization’s logo and url are being viewed directly by your target audience.

Recognition for Sponsors:

  • 36,156 logo impressions were made recognizing conference sponsors through last year’s conference website
  • Daily name impressions were made recognizing conference sponsors in the Forum's News & Opportunities feed to its membership.
  • Conference sponsors received exposure in the Forum's 20 press releases, resulting in thousands of name impresssions.
  • Thousands of logo impressions were made through brochures and flyers distributed at the Forum’s various meetings and workshops and related co-sponsor events
  • Complementary event registration for one sponsor representative

Opportunities for Exhibitors:

  • Last year’s registered delegates included investors, commercial network operators, radio manufacturers, system integrators, government procurement officials, regulators, engineering service providers and consultants from over 22 different countries.


  • Of these, over 56% had either direct purchasing authority or the ability to significantly influence radio technology acceptance and purchasing decisions (see Delegate Profile in the Conference Summary for More Details).
  • Exhibitors are also recognized on the exhibitor page of the conference website, through listing in the Conference program, and through a dedicated press release highlighting the exhibition.





Want to learn more about last year's exhibitors and sponsors? Click here.

"The value proposition of the Wireless Innovation Forum technical meetings and exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe for vendors is a quantum leap better than anything else that is available in the SDR market, bar none. Attendance is larger than any other SDR event, and the attendees are all focused on your target market."

- SDR'10 Exhibitor

2015 Sponsorship and Exhibiting Rates

Exhibitors (member)                    $1500

Exhibitors (non-member)             $2000

Virtual Exhibitor (Member)           $250

Virtual Exhibitor (non-member)     $400

Silver Sponsor                            $3000

Gold Sponsors                            $5000


SPECIAL OFFER: Forum member organizations that register two or more attendees for the conference will be allowed a booth at no charge. 

Fill out the exhibitor application today



1. Custom sponsorship packages are also available. Please see for details.

2. Silver sponsorships are for a single conference component,. Options include registration, lunch, virtual conference. Please contact Lee Pucker to discuss options.

3. Booths will include a table and an electrical outlet. Exhibitors will be responsible for any draping or special configuration, design, construction, or other requirements (such as telephone lines).

4. Booth location preference will be in sequence of order placement, i.e., first come, first served, with sponsors having priority over non-sponsors.

5. Please see WInnComm Exhibition Terms and Conditions page for additional details.

SPECIAL OFFER: Forum member organizations that register two or more attendees for the conference will be allowed to exhibit (virtual or onsite) at no charge. If you are claiming that credit, please do the following:

1.List the two attendees from your organization that will be registering.

2. You will also need to register these two attendees on the registration site.

Listing their names on the exhibitor application DOES NOT automatically register them for the Conference. It is simply for cross-reference purposes.


For more information, contact:
Lee Pucker, CEO


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